Mindfulness meditation is the foundation of all that we do at the Shambhala Meditation Center. Originating from Shakyamuni Buddha, this 2,500 year-old practice of self-discovery is rooted in the simple, but revolutionary premise that every human being has the ability to cultivate the mind's inherent stability, clarity and strength in order to be more awake and compassionate in everyday life.

“The basis for your sitting practice is your inspiration; that first glimpse of basic human dignity and the courage to explore the gentleness, confidence and sanity which all of us, as human beings, have.  That glimpse is great, fantastic, like a breath of fresh air, and it is basically good.  It is the experience of Shambhala vision.”  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

“Sometimes in meditation there is a gap in normal consciousness, a sudden complete openness.  This only arises when one has ceased to think in terms of meditator, meditation and the object of meditation.  It is a glimpse of reality, a sudden flash which occurs at first infrequently and then gradually more and more often.  It may not be a particularly shattering or explosive experience at all, just a moment of great simplicity.  Do not make the mistake of deliberately trying to force these experiences to recur, for this is to betray the naturalness and spontaneity of reality.”  H.H. Dilgo Khyentse, Rinpoche

“In meditation, there is an open simplicity and ordinariness which is almost magical; it is sane, clear, awake, full of humor, joy and wisdom…extremely powerful, compassionate and uplifting.”  Sogyal Rinpoche

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